Chase the Wind – Physics for Littles

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We’ve been doing some great physics work for upper elementary level these past few weeks. But what about those of us with little ones tagging along? Fortunately lessons in force offer a great opportunity to get outside and play on a windy day! It’s also a good way to transition from our mostly indoor physics unit to our mostly outdoor Springtime Science biology unit.

Here’s what we use to explore the force created by wind:

You can really use anything that moves with the wind. Ribbons and fabric work too. Sheets and pillowcases make great capes.

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Start by talking about wind. What is wind? If you can’t see it, how do you know it’s there?

Use your wind-revealing materials to play with wind. As free play starts to wind down, ask more questions. Which way is the wind blowing? How do you know?

Look for the windiest and least windy spots. Now is a good time to tie it in to what we’ve learned about force. What do your wind catching materials do when the wind is stronger? This is a good free form lesson where young kids can engage in educational play, and older kids can talk about what they learned, using concrete examples, before moving on to the next unit.

Speaking of, keep an eye out for our upcoming biology unit, Springtime Science!

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